Memorials for a beloved animal companion

Memorials are a lovely way to honour an animal companion 

Our animals are truly a part of our family and it makes sense to want to do something to remember them by, much as we would do for our actual human loved ones. 

There are many ways in which to memorialise your precious animal companion.

Holding a memorial service
A memorial service may be held at anytime and there are no set timelines or rules. You may wish to have a memorial soon after your animal has passed, or may prefer to wait until you feel less emotional, or to mark a special occasion or anniversary, for instance.

Create a photo album

Document your pets life in a scrapbook

Write an obituary

Plant a special tree in their honour

Plant a memorial garden

Commission a professional done portrait of your animal

Cremation jewellery 

Memorial garden stones

These are just some of the ways that may help you celebrate, cherish, remember and honour the memory of your beloved animal. There are also many websites which sell various items that help further help you memorialize your precious animal companion.