A safe space for those who have loved
 and lost a beloved animal 

Grief and Bereavement Support 

Animal Bereavement Support sessions allow you to safely explore your feelings, your journey of grief, as well as the joy of your precious memories and the incredible bond you share with your animal companion.

I recognize the significance of pet loss and the overwhelming emotions that come from the loss (or anticipated loss) of a beloved animal companion.

My aim is to help you navigate your way through the grief and sadness to a place of peace and understanding; to honour your beloved animal,, and help you find meaning to go on.

Grief arises out of LOVE

Grieving due to the loss, or anticipated loss, of a beloved animal companion can be a very difficult and emotional experience.

nderlying our deep grief is a deep love for our animal companion .

Our connection with our animal is on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Why seek support?

Grieving due to the loss of a pet is unique!


Losing a beloved animal can lead to a profound, even traumatic sense of sadness and loss. Many describe the loss of a pet as worse than the loss of a significant human relationship.

When an animal is ill or nearing their end of life you may be overwhelmed with sadness, fear and uncertainty. There may be difficult decisions around end of life care for your animal and euthanasia which can cause great upset. I can help you navigate through this emotional time, enabling you to come to decisions based on compassion, love, understanding and respect for your animal companion.

Pet bereavement is unique in that many people have to make decisions about ending their animals suffering (euthanasia) which can be very upsetting, causing one to question their decisions and worry that they have made a mistake. 

The loss of an animal companion may not always be due to their passing on. Loss can be felt for many reasons other than death, and this can cause difficult feelings and further compound your grief.  See Understanding Grief and Pet Loss for more about this. 

Following the loss of your beloved animal, you will likely find that your usual routine has changed, your home may feel different. and empty. Indeed your life changes in an instant and there will be a period of adjustment.  It is important to be gentle and kind with yourself, practice self-care and be patient with yourself.

Grief is an individual experience, not 'one size fits all'.

It's okay not to be okay! 

Grief is a journey that takes time.

Our sessions will allow you to gently explore your feelings and give you the space to heal. 

Sessions are tailored according to your needs.

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"Juli was warm and non-judgemental. I felt comfortable and safe during my sessions with her and was able to open up about the loss of my beloved cat."

"I needed emotional support that I just wasn't receiving even from my family at the time. Juli helped me during a very challenging period after my dog passed away."

"At a time of great sadness, talking with Juli really helped. She gave me tools to help me cope with my grief and work through my feelings."