Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a holistic energy therapy that benefits both humans and animals alike. 

The term Reiki is Japanese, meaning
"Universal Life Energy".

Often referred to as ‘Ki’, ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’, this energy has been around for thousands of years.

Reiki sessions are offered in  person and remotely. 

The Greek God of ancient mythology, Hermes said:
"Everything is energ
y. moving at different rates of vibration.

Spirit is the highest form of energy...
Everything is interconnected."


Reiki for Animals


It is important to take care of oneself and it's only natural that we should want the same for our beloved animal companions.  Like us, animals age and may experience physical ailments, illness and stress. They can even pick up on their humans emotional state and can take on the stress and emotional traits of their human.

Sometimes our energy can become blocked, low and out of balance. Reiki can be incredibly healing and works with people and animals alike. Reiki and other energy therapies can be beneficial on an emotional, behavioural and physical level. 

Gentle and non-invasive, Reiki can help restore balance and bring about a sense of calm and harmony. Reiki can be particularly helpful to animals during time of crisis or transition. 

Reiki in person can be done 'hands on' however this is not a requirement and works equally without touch and is often done remotely over distance as energy knows no bounds.
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One of the beautiful things about Reiki is that it can be offered even when not physically present with the recipient (animal or human) and healing can occur without any physical contact. Reiki is energy- and energy knows no bounds.

When practiced with people, it is usually done hands-on, with a gentle placement of the hands on or very near to the person. With animals, the same technique can be applied however since not all animals like to be touched, treatment can occur without having to touch the animal. Physical contact is not a requirement of Reiki. This is particularly useful when dealing with a shy, fearful or aggressive animal, animals who may be challenging to work with because of their sheer size, and also wild animals. 

Using Reiki with animals is wonderful because they are so sensitive and naturally in-tune. They tend to respond faster to Reiki than humans and most respond very positively to it.
For animals who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their health, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of calm and contentment.

For animals who are unwell, Reiki is a wonderful and safe complement to conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, Chinese medicine and other forms of treatment. Reiki does not interfere with the effectiveness of conventional veterinary medicines or treatments and Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, nor do they prescribe substances or perform medical treatment.

For animals who are nearing end of life, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, reduce fear and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.
I find Reiki can be particularly beneficial during palliative care. Reiki is also a wonderful way to support a dying animal's family, helping to bring a sense of calm at what can be a very emotional and difficult time.

Reiki may also be highly beneficial to animals in shelters and adoption centres, and wild animals in zoos and other captive settings. I offer my services to shelters and sanctuariesfree of charge.

Energy knows no bounds. This is why Reiki and energy healing therapies work remotely, even from across a vast distance. A Reiki and energy healing practitioner does not use his or her own energy but rather directs bio-energy, or life-force energy, which the recipients body uses to heal itself. This energy therefore can have a positive effect on wellness. 

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This amazing video showing what positive effects Reiki can have on animals. The video was filmed at a sanctuary where Reiki therapists from the 'Animal Reiki Source' (the organization that I trained with) spent several hours working with the animals. 

Reiki for grief and bereavement

Energy therapies can be very beneficial in helping one cope and work through their feelings surrounding the loss of a beloved animal. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief. However, even subtle losses can lead to grief. Everyone's reaction is unique and how you grieve depends on many factors. The process of grieving takes time and it cannot be forced or hurried—and healing happens gradually. I recommend Reiki to help you in the healing journey. Pet loss support and Reiki together may help you to feel more grounded and balanced and may help give you even greater insight into your grief, enabling you to cope better.
Find out more about Reiki here.

I am pleased to offer Reiki to both people and animals (even animals who have passed), via distance treatment. This would be immediately following our pet loss support session (you do not need to be on line with me for Reiki). I will follow up with you afterwards by email.

Juli's Reiki Lineage:

Before becoming specialised in Reiki for Animals with Kathleen Prasad, founder of the Animal Reiki Source, I studied Reiki with Reiki Master Miguel Chavez. Because of this, my Reiki linage is very close to Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr Usui is credited with being the founder of Reiki. I am very grateful to have this lineage, as there are only six teachers before me, which means that my Reiki training is very close to the original teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.

You may read more about the history of Reiki here.

Juli's Eastern Lineage:

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Chiyoko Yyamaguchi
Hyakuten Inamoto
William Lee Rand
Miguel Chavez

Juli's Western Lineage: 

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Bethal Phaigh
William Lee Rand
Miguel Chavez

In the words of Usui-Sensei:
"For today only...  
Do not be angry. Do not be anxious.
Be grateful. Work hard and be kind to others"

 Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary or medical advice and treatment.

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