Animal Bereavement Support and Reiki for AnimalsTestimonials

"Our loving cat was having some health issues and after ruling out serious health issues with our vet and making some changes to his diet, we felt that the issues were somewhat psychosomatic and wanted to try reiki. Being in the middle of the lockdown, we were a bit unsure how remote reiki would work, but found Juli who lived near and offered remote sessions. Juli was wonderful, warm and very thorough. She explained how things would work and we even spoke on the phone after, with her offering what had come up and what she had noticed in her session with our cat. She gave us some "messages" from him, if you will, and we were able to make adjustments to his space, food and water, that helped him come back to his sweet self.
Thank you Juli for all that you do for our beloved family members!"
- Brianna, Victoria, Canada, September 2021 (Reiki for Animals sessions)

"Juli was warm and non-judgemental. 
I felt comfortable and safe during my
sessions with her and was able to open up about the loss of my beloved cat, Flea." - John, Wales, UK  


"I’ve had several losses in my life over the last few years and my depression has gotten worse and worse. Another of my old dogs, Olive, died last week. I decided I needed to address my depression and get back to the way I was before all the losses so I contacted Juli and had our first session within that same week.

In the past, when I’ve seen therapists, they don’t understand the relationship between people and their animals and the advice they gave was terrible and showed they simply didn’t understand me as a person.

Juli was just the opposite. She understands. Her values regarding animals and life in general are in line with who I am and the way I feel. It was a great experience and I was surprised by how truly interested she was in me and my specific life experiences.

The questions she asked me demonstrated how much she cares and she was then able to give me some advice on how I need to move forward toward getting out of the deep hole of depression I’ve fallen into these last few years. It will be a long road to recovery because there is so much I need to address - it overwhelms me but she stressed that even small steps I take will help me. I don’t have to try to make a million changes at once.

Juli also offers Reiki which is something I’ve always wanted to explore. I’m going to continue working with her so I can finally make the changes I need to in order to improve my condition."
- Sarah, Ohio, USA, October 2018

"Thank you for your kindness and understanding, Juli. This is such an important thing to do, to be able to help someone in their time of grief. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Louise, UK, February 2019

"Juli was easy to talk to and open-minded. She helped me understand that my feelings (from pet loss) are normal and worked with me on ways to gain back some sense of control.
I even have more hope now." 
- Sarah S, Ohio, USA, September 2019

"I needed emotional support that I just wasn't receiving even from my family at the time.  Juli helped me during a very challenging period following the loss of my dog."

"At a time of great sadness, talking with Juli really helped. She gave me tools to help me cope with my grief and work through my feelings." - Peter, Sussex, UK, 2019

Reiki for Animals Testimonials


Mimsy and Nessie

"It's hard to express quite how in tune Juli was with my cat and dog. She arrives with immense calm and presence. It is obvious she absolutely and genuinely loves animals.

My dog Mimsy was treated and Juli correctly identified the leg with which I had concerns. Mimsy fell into an incredibly deep sleep afterwards and it was evident she absolutely loved the treatment.

My cat Nessie is a very elderly feline who wasn't keen on being touched, however Juli can treat without physical touch and this was better for my cat. Juli treated her for her general health and overall well being. She too slept peacefully for a long time afterwards. They were both so relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate having Juli treat my pets again. When the need arises I will see her again.

I'm so pleased I found someone who specialises in animals great and small and has such a genuine rapport with them." 
- Katie, Sussex, UK, April 2017. (Reiki for Animals sessions)

"Juli made my dog Teddy feel relaxed right away. He can be quite a nervous dog with strangers but after about 10 minutes he was very calm. It was clear he was enjoying the Reiki and laid down on the rug right in front of her almost on top of her legs! For several days he seemed more relaxed and even his appetite improved. He continues to improve and we're planning to have additional sessions soon. Thank you, Juli."
- Deborah, Sussex, UK, August 2016. (Reiki for Animals sessions)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

 "Juli is a natural healer. She has a way of making a person feel comfortable right away. During my second meeting with her, I unexpectedly went back to a past life, This resulted in an amazing amount of healing. Thank you Juli! You are a lovely human being." -  Jules B, Maine, USA, 2014. (EFT sessions)