A bit about me... From when I was a young child, I have had a deep connection to animals and a very strong sense of wanting to help and protect them. I am very sensitive to animals, not wanting them to be harmed and wishing people would have more compassion towards all beings. 

At times I was told I was too sensitive and that working with animals wasn't a "real" job. It has taken me years to overcome this negative conditioning, to build my confidence and fulfil this purpose in my life and I feel deeply honoured to be able to do this work and am grateful to have this passion. 

I have experienced the pure joy of connecting with animals of all kinds- big, small and everything in between. Growing up there were animals who followed me home (something that still happens to this day), or became my best buddy while on vacation. Most animals seem to feel at ease and are usually quite receptive to me.
I believe they instinctually know when someone is kind hearted and can tell when one means them no harm.

When an animal is ill or as they age, they may feel unwell and off balance, just as we do. I work with Reiki and other wonderful energy therapies, offering this to animals during times of stress and illness, and when nearing end of life transition. Reiki can help restore balance and bring a sense of calm and harmony. 

I know all too well the grief and sadness that accompanies the loss (or anticipated loss) of an animal companion. I have had to say goodbye to many beloved animals and the feelings of grief can be intense and overwhelming. At times I have felt very alone during my grief, wondering how I will ever get through it.  The most recent loss of my beloved 18 year old dog Daisey completely shattered me and my whole world changed in an instant. My heart was broken. 

My personal experience of profound grief due to the loss of my companion animals is why I want and feel the need to help others going through their own losses. I have learned that we are not meant to 'go it alone'. Many of us have been taught to be strong, but we can all use a little help sometimes. Although right now you may feel as if your heart has broken into a thousand pieces and wonder how you will ever get through this, please remember that you are not alone.  

Though your journey of grief may expose many emotions, it is also a healing process. Be kind and patient with yourself. Take a deep breath and focus on the incredible love and connection you shared (and still have) with your precious animal. That love will help guide you and give you strength .. to cope ...and to heal.

My mission 
To bring peace, comfort and compassion to the animals we share our lives with.

To bring a greater sense of support and understanding to people during their grief over the loss of an animal companion.

To raise awareness of the remarkable human-animal connection.

Peaches, my inspiration and soul cat!

What led me to working in this field is my beloved cat Peaches. Peaches had become very ill and sadly was nearing the end of her life. By chance, I came into contact with a local Reiki practitioner, who offered both Peaches and I a Reiki healing before Peaches passed away, and then again soon afterwards. I believe that Reiki not only helped Peaches in her end-of-life transition but also brought greater peace to me, during what was a very emotional and difficult time. It was soon thereafter that Peaches visited me and basically told me I should also be doing this work to help people and animals. I decided to study Reiki and became certified as a practitioner and then went on to study several other energy healing therapies.

After Peaches passed away I was very upset and distraught. I had experienced other losses previously but losing Peaches hit me very hard. I reached out to a pet loss support group which really helped. Just being able to share and have my feelings validated helped me to feel somewhat better. I knew I was not alone and it felt good to be able to communicate with people who truly understood what I was going through- so much so, that not long after I decided to study and become trained in grief support and animal bereavement.

I really do understand what it is like to lose a cherished animal companion and I want to be there for others going through such a tough time. There is a distinct lack of support for people suffering these bereavements and I truly hope that someday this does change. In the meantime, I am here for you. 

Why Animals?

I believe that all animals are deserving of love and respect. Sadly animals are the least represented and most exploited members of our planet. I have had an undeniable connection to animals my entire life. I recognize that all animal lives matter and that they are individuals, they have emotions, form social bonds, and have their own unique personalities, just like we do. My wish is that some day for all animals to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect.


As an advocate for animals, I feel it's important to stand up for all animals and to be 'a voice for the voiceless'. To this end, I try to live a compassionate lifestyle and practice Ahimsa, an ancient principle of non violence which applies to all living beings. When you consider that we take on the energy of what we put into our bodies, it makes sense to consider adopting a plant based diet. I also try to be a conscientious consumer- that means avoiding products or services that have involved animal exploitation or cruelty to animals. Of course, we are human and perfection is not a realistic goal for anyone however there are things we can all do in our everyday lives to practice more 'ahimsa'. Even small steps can go towards not only improving our own health but to reducing animal suffering and damage to the planet. You may find more information about this in the Resources section of the website.

Our connection to Nature

There is the notion that people are inseparable from the rest of Nature and I believe this. It seems we have lost some of this sense of connectivity to Nature but it is still there on a root level, like a deep, indigenous wisdom. Shamans tell us we are made up of so much more than what we can perceive directly with our physical senses. Psychological and physical self-care is important but incomplete; we must tend to our spiritual nature- our deepest self- as this is essential to our well-being. Nurturing our inner self is about our coming back to ourselves, to our inherent Nature.

Interest in Wellness for Companion Animals

I have a strong interest in canine and feline behaviour and holistic health for companion animals. Having worked previously as a veterinary assistant, in animal rescue and with animal shelters, I have a good understanding of companion animal health. I have an ongoing interest in both conventional and holistic veterinary medicine. Reiki and other healing energy therapies may be beneficial and many veterinarians are offering alternative therapies to further enhance healing and wellness for companion animals. Such therapies are intended to be complementary and are not a substitute for veterinary care. It is important to consult with your trusted veterinarian about any concerns regarding your animal's health.

Qualifications and Training: 

My degree and continuing education in psychology prepared me for more specialized training and work in grief and bereavement support, counselling and the healing arts. I have completed advanced training in Reiki, Reiki for Animals, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting. Past work as a Veterinary Assistant and with animal shelters and rescue organizations has given me invaluable hands-on experience working with animals. I am always learning- and the animals I have met along the way have been some of my best teachers. 


B.A. Psychology
Animal Bereavement Specialist
Certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Support
Yoga Teacher Certification (200 RYT)
Reiki for Animals Level 2 Therapist
Usui Reiki Level 2 Therapist
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Master 
Matrix Reimprinting Level 3 Practitioner


My biggest joys in life are my animals, music and being by the sea.
I dedicate time to various animal-related causes, and have been volunteering in pet loss and bereavement support for a national animal charity since 2013.

I've always had a love and fascination of the oceans and feel it's imperative to do whatever we can to save them from further damage. Spending time by water is truly very therapeutic for the soul. Fortunate to have lived in many beautiful places around the world, my favourites have always been by the sea.

I love spending time in the company of animals, practicing yoga, exploring nature and playing music with my friends. I currently live by the Salish Sea on beautiful Vancouver Island in the Pacific northwest.

Please contact me for a free consultation to learn more about how I can help you and your animal(s).

This website was lovingly created with a cat on my lap