“Modern science has concluded that everything that exists in the universe is made of vibration.

Raising our vibration is an extremely effective way to insure we’re living a balanced and happy life.

It’s also a way to send positive energy out into the universe." 

~ Reiki Master, Hiroshi Doi-Sensei.


Reiki and other energy healing practices are based on the fact that animals, (all animals, including we humans) are energetic organisms.

It makes good sense to try and keep this vital energy healthy and flowing. Therapeutic energy specialties such as Reiki and EFT can help to clear blockages and get energy moving, creating a more balanced state of being.

We can sense energy as soon as we walk into a room, when we speak on the telephone, when we meet someone for the first time. Even sitting next to a stranger you may have sensed their energy without them having said a word. Animals are very sensitive to energy. I'm sure you've noticed when a cat is drawn to someone they've only just met or when a dog barks at someone for no apparent reason? There are many records of animals reacting to energy. Evidence abounds of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects exhibiting strange behaviour anywhere from weeks to seconds before an earthquake or strong weather event, (ref: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/topics/animal_eqs.php)

Reiki treatment 
can help to rebalance an animal's energy and help them come back into 'flow'. Working with an animals' energy centres or "chakras" is important as a preventative measure as this helps promotes wellness, as well as being beneficial for elderly animals, animals with injuries and/or those suffering from chronic pain or sensitivity to medication. Reiki helps to balance the chakras and the entire energetic being. Furthermore, animals, being highly sensitive, usually respond positively to Reiki.

The Chakras


Animal Chakras

The chakras are energy centres in our body.  Each chakra has an attachment to separate areas of the body. Blocked energy in these energy centres (chakras) can often lead to illness, so it is important to keep this energy flowing freely for our animals.

Animal Chakras are not really any different from our own, except that with some animals, such as cats, there are more chakras. In animals, the energy field is usually wider, because of their natural survival instinct, and animals tend to absorb much more sensory information than humans. This can clearly be seen (as in some animals becoming agitated before a thunderstorm or an earthquake). Animals can experience different kinds of vibrations which humans are incapable of perceiving.

Anything that causes a block or a disruption in the flow of this energy in one or more chakras can lead to disease. This is a widely accepted belief among holistic healers. Disease generally begins in these subtle energetic bodies before it manifests in the physical body, which is why it's so important to keep the energy flowing.

An animal who has suffered physical trauma, mental or emotional abuse may not always be able to repair the imbalance of energy, thereby allowing physical illness to manifest.

Reiki can help with general wellness of animals and also those who are unwell, orexperiencing stress or trauma. Reiki is also very beneficial when nearing their end of life.

Reiki is meant as a substitute for veterinary care and advice. 


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