The loss of a beloved animal can cause great emotional distress.Please know that your feelings are valid and normal. It can be hard to grieve fully when many people do not understand the nature of pet loss. We may have been taught to hide our feelings but the sadness and sense of loss one experiences is very much real.

Grief can lead us to realize the impermanence of life and therefore lead us to savour it more. 
It may teach us to be more grateful.
To live more fully.
And to Love again

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Eco grief is a natural reaction to what is happening to the planet. General anxiety due to the climate crisis and the global loss of animal and plant life is symptomic of Eco grief.

Grief arises out of LOVE and it's natural that we want to protect what we love.

Jean Michel Cousteau has stated, "We now have the scientific knowledge telling us that we are facing the greatest challenge of human history: climate change. The lives of all of us are undeniably linked, and our futures are critically connected. We are the only species that has the privilege to decide to not disappear."  

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Reiki for Animals

It is important to take care of oneself and it's only natural that we should want the same for our beloved animal companions.  Like us, animals age and may experience physical ailments, illness and stress. They can even pick up on their humans emotional state and can take on the stress and emotional traits of their human.

Sometimes our energy can become blocked, low and out of balance. Reiki can be incredibly healing and works with people and animals alike. Reiki and other energy therapies can be beneficial on an emotional, behavioural and physical level. 

Gentle and non-invasive, Reiki can help restore balance and bring about a sense of calm and harmony. Reiki can be particularly helpful to animals during time of crisis or transition. 

Reiki in person can be done 'hands on' however this is not a requirement and works equally without touch and is often done remotely over distance as energy knows no bounds.

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