There tends to be great conflict and guilt when faced with the difficult decision about euthanasia. Even though this may be the ultimate act of love and kindness that one can chose for an animal, it can lead to anguish over the decision, leading one to often second-doubting themselves, along with experiencing incredible guilt. I can assist you as you think through the possible choice to end your animal's pain and suffering. To schedule an appointment please email

Following euthanasia, some people find themselves questioning whether they did enough for their beloved companion or whether they should have done things differently; wondering if they should have waited (or if they waited too long). These are normal reactions. Try and remember that you made the best decision you could, based on the information you had and circumstances at that time. 

If you are struggling following the euthanasia of an animal, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 

Pet Loss Support sessions and resources are intended as an emotional support for individuals experiencing grief and bereavement due to the loss or anticipated loss of a pet/ animal companion.
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